5 Features which makes you choose VoIP over wireless

What is VoIP?

From ancient times, phone services are operated over dedicated transmission lines which also provide electricity that powers the phone. Conversely, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) converts voice calls to packets that travel over data networks. In other words, one separate and an individual,robust network can carry all of an organization’s data and voice traffic in a combined system. With the advent of technology public of the present generation has the higher affinity towards VoIP over Wireless. List down are some of the reason why VoIP is better than Wireless.
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1. Wireless VoIP is a leg-up over cellular service
The biggest pros of wireless VoIP is that these phones working on Wi-Fi networks can be utilized in multiple places. You can avail the benefit of 11 hotspots that too free or available at a very nominal cost daily.

2. VoIP has multiple uses
Secure internet calling for significant public and private buildings such as offices, colleges, schools, hospitals, dorms, etc., is just a single advantage. VoIP has many other usages than just calling. It comes with advanced features like voicemail and caller ID. It also allows its users to make calls outside the site by using network’s internet connection and an account with VoIP provider.

3. Extendable reach through WiMAX
A long-range microwave technology, WiMAX is based on the 802.16 standards which have the ability to extend the VoIP range. WiMAX is so robust to provide wireless coverage to an entiremetropolitan area. It can span up to 75 km with throughputs ranging from 70 Mbps to 288 Mbps.

4. Easy Availability-
Wireless VoIP equipment is easily available at consumer and enterprise levels. LinkSys, D-Link, Netgear are some of the many popular consumer-level vendors who make IP phones which work with their wireless routers. Similarly, there are vendors of enterprise-level hardware like Cisco which offers IP phones that work with IP PBX systems.
These companies sell their products to communication equipment supplier and thus make it easy for the commons to make use of them.

5. Cost efficient VoIP over Smartphones
Using VoIP over smartphones is an intelligent and efficacious way to save both money and time. Smartphones or laptops can be a good source for communication while travelling. Users can install Skype on these devices and can enjoy free or very low-cost calling.
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