CROSSWORDS is a Multi-Product Company offering premium office solutions to its customers. Crosswords have always been ahead of introducing latest state of the art technologies compatible to the local market needs as well as comparable to international standards. At Crosswords, we are an industry leader in providing solutions to meet our customer requirements for IT Equipment, Office Furniture, Stationery, Communication Equipment and Services and related Supplies to help them to suite their needs more efficiently and productively.

CROSSWORDS is engaged in business with Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations, Local companies and public and have been winning the trust of thousands of its clients. We are always at the forefront of introducing the latest and key solutions in Laptops, Desktop, Servers, copiers, printers and scanners. Besides the core office equipment products range, it also deals in complete range of Office Furniture, large variety of Stationery items as well as Long Range and Short Range radios, Handsets and Satellite phones used for various deep country operations where there is no GSM coverage. We perform our entire operations at levels virtually comparable to international standards. Thus we are stepping ahead and moving from traditional retailing to solution selling.

At CROSSWORDS, we believe that our product ranges have the depth and flexibility to offer customers tailored and integrated solutions to their office needs, no matter how sophisticated or otherwise their requirements may be. We are committed to giving our customers the full benefit of our expertise and skills by constantly working to optimize processes and boost.

At Crosswords problems are solved and the ideas are generated by our team through brainstorming and proper reasoning in order to produce efficient solution. Our team believes in the corporate skills like:

  • Effective communication
  • Coordination
  • Motivation
  • Synergy
  • Goal congruence
  • Clearly defined responsibility
  • Flexibility