We commenced our venture in 2006. It all began with just the retailers and distributors of the “IT equipment” comprising of Desktops Laptops, Printers etc. We also dealt in “Communication equipment” like Handheld VHF and UHF Radios, High-Frequency CODAN Radios, Satellite phones and airtimes. After some time, we diversified our business and included “Office Furniture” as well in our portfolio. Thereafter, we added LAN and WAN Networking with CCTV, Surveillance equipment and later on in 2012; we also initiated importing and dispensing “Office and Home Stationery.”


We are the vanguard in introducing the latest state of the art and pivotal quick fix in Laptops, Desktop, Servers, copiers, printers and scanners. Besides, the core office equipment, Furniture, numerous Stationery articles we also merchandise Long and Short Range radios, Handsets and Satellite phones etc. These are put to use for several deep-rooted country workmanship which hardly possess any GSM coverage. Our operational efforts are virtually comparable to the global rule of thumb. Henceforth, we are ascending forward and moving from conventional trading to solution selling.


We may be strong as individuals but together we are invincible.

Sachin Nambiar


Sachin Nambiar is the Founder, Owner and Administration pioneer of Crosswords Ltd. He is the decision maker and ultimately responsible in achieving company’s long and short term goals. He is the leader and responsible for the organizations vision, mission and direction.

Nithin Hingorani


Nitin Hingorani is responsible for the organizations Marketing and Sales functions as well as the day-to-day operations of the business. He handles the human resources, project management, financials and policies to attain desirable profit making results.

Sujit Das


Sujit Das is highly responsible to oversee the organizations Administrative Operations. He is a team leader and does everything possible to organize and implement administrative systems. He also liaises with clients directly to achieve company’s profit making goals.

Indra Kumar Vasvani


Indra Kumar Vaswani is responsible for accounting, company financials and reporting. He also handles taxation, government documents filing, payrolls etc. Company’s financials depend on him.

Santosh Mankani


Santosh Mankani is responsible for all logistics related operations including inventory and organizing supply chain. He is also responsible in timely delivery of goods, organizing stock control, reporting timely stock status and monitoring the flow of goods in order.



We provide our customers with an ample range of computers, laptops and their accessories of top most brands. We also provide high quality, modern and customizable office furniture and stationeries. We also have the complete collection of communication system. You will get whatever you need under the same roof.

We are in existence because of our customers. We love to assist you with any XYZ need of yours and at any instant. We are available 24*7 online only for your convenience. Whereas, our doors are waiting for you to knock on during the peak hours.

Furthermore, we provision one year warranty on all IT products. Along with that, we also cater 6 months free after sales services and payable thereafter. We also have add-on especially for our customers; Manifold transportation and pick-ups with no delivery expenses within Monrovia city limit. All the replacements are in stock for the products sold by us.

Also, we highly believe in training and recommending customers for every sort of products for all their requisite needs and queries. Also, professionals for Networking, CCTV Projects and also the assembling of all office furniture and systems. We possess adept technicians for repair as well as maintenance of all our sold equipment.

We keep the faith that our product purview has the flexibility to offer customers customized and integrated solutions to their office requisites, even if their requirements are very sophisticated.

It needs an exceptional group of people to run a company in the best way as we do. In our staff we have people who personally feel accountable for delivering outstanding results, people who embody customer values, embrace continual change with technology, and adopt the perfect way to get the job done.