Dell Optiplex 3020 Intel Core i3 (4th generation)

The purpose of computers has totally changed over the past decade. From booking tickets to ordering meals or designing machines to constructing buildings, many programs and software ease our living today. From offices to homes computers have found a spot everywhere. The system has an appealing and elegant black exterior. The wide screen has a dimension of 46.99 cm. The Dell Optiplex desktop has 3 years warranty against it. Don’t lose this chance to make this reliable desktop a part of your daily life from today.

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Product Description


This Dell Optiplex desktop has a 2 Mb cache memory. The Intel Core i3 (4th generation) desktop is assembled with a 4 GB RAM. This processor is a standalone rectangular box. The compact design makes it easy to carry it anywhere. The Intel H81 Express chipset proves to be more than beneficial. The processor has a 3.4 GHz frequency.

Operating System

This Linux OS desktop is highly compatible! The option of adding Ubuntu allows you to customize preferences as desired! You can even upgrade this Dell Optiplex desktop if you prefer adding to its capabilities.

This desktop with 4 GB RAM memory makes it quite fast too! Easily back up your data. You can recover lost files with ease too. This computer has an internal desktop with 500 GB hard disk. This SATA type disk gives ample space for storing a number of songs, images and other media files! The IDE interface is quite convenient too. The amazingly fast file transfer speeds will satisfy anyone!

Graphics Card

The Dell Optiplex desktop has remarkably stable Intel HD graphics. Enjoy the seamless performance!

Connectivity Options

This has 6 USB 2.0 ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports. Headphones and microphone jacks are available along with a memory card reader. It has an HDMI port as well!

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