The Best Security Cameras for Protecting Your Home

Protecting your home, friends and family, and your property starts with picking the best security cameras and video security system that enables you to keep watch over your home 24/7.
How would you choose the best security cameras for your home? In this blog post, we highlight the various sorts of security cameras, alongside the features and benefits most beneficial to giving successful home security.

Bullet Cameras
Bullet security cameras are also referred to as lipstick cameras or bullets, because of their thin, tubular shape. Bullet cameras are accessible in simple CCTV, HD-TVI (HD simple) and IP technologies, as well as various megapixel options – ranging from 1.3 megapixels, to 5.0 megapixels and higher.
Bullet cameras are popular choices for observing the perimeter of a home. An outdoor bullet camera can be mounted under the eaves of a roof to pick up an unmistakable perspective of a front yard, back yard, garage, or other open air range.
A vandal-resistant bullet security camera typically features an impact rating that provides protection against physical impact from vandals at various strike distances.
Advantages of Bullet Security Cameras
• Cost-effective cameras to monitor your home
• Available in indoor and outdoor models
• Easy-to-install
• Many feature multi-axis brackets that allow you to easy adjust the camera angle

Vault Cameras
Is vault camera the best security camera for ensuring your home? Vault security cameras are independent cameras that feature a rugged vault that covers the camera lens. Dome cameras are easy to install, and look great in nearly any type of home environment—indoors and indoors. Dome cameras are accessible in multi megapixel, high-resolution options— as well as the latest analog, IP, and HD-TVI security technologies.
Dome cameras equipped with wide angle lenses empower you to better monitor large areas, for example, driveways, back yards, terraces, and open areas. The camera lens’ wide field-of-view covers a larger area than a standard lens, and gives greater depth of field, alongside better low light performance.

Hidden Cameras
Hidden cameras or spy cameras placed throughout the home can provide home owners with enhanced home security.
Hidden cameras are accessible in a variety of form factors and are hidden inside of common household objects, for example, thermostats, smoke detectors, flood lights, picture frames, clocks and AC adapters. Concealed cameras blend in well in nearly any home environment and are virtually undetectable.

Keeping Your Home and Loved Ones Safe
When it come to protecting your home, your property, and your family, it’s essential to pick the best security cameras that empower you to monitor movement all day and all night.
Our security specialists can help you pick the right security cameras for your home, decide the best areas for camera position, and prescribe nearby expert security installers who can help you introduce and upgrade your home security system.
If you are interested in finding the best home security cameras for your home, call today to speak with one of our security experts.